Reef Accelerator

Get higher levels of reef calcium in your tank with our Reef Accelerator™.
Product No. IN05313-00
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Includes calcium, magnesium and more for optimal reef health.

Marine invertebrates like corals, sea stars, tube worms and clams need proper levels of essential elements maintained in their seawater environment. Reef Accelerator™ replenishes critical elements like calcium, magnesium, strontium and numerous others for healthy growth and coloration

Use regularly to maintain balanced levels of essential elements. Densely stocked reef tanks with stoney corals may need higher levels of calcium. Use Instant Ocean Calcium Booster if levels fall below 400 ppm.

• Encourages growth of corals and purple algae
• Advanced chemistry supplies all essential elements
• Simple to use; no mixing or complicated reactors
• No nitrates, phosphates or silicates
• Available in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml sizes
• 5ml treats 10 gallons